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Why not put your personal stamp on your car?


Thetford Autoparts can supply a wide range of quality accessories that will improve the looks of your car and increase your driving pleasure, including...


  • Wheel Trims

  • "Tinted Glass" film

  • Paints - Custom Mixed & Matched

  • Seat Covers

  • In car entertainment

  • Travel Items....Plus Much More!

Get in touch to find out if you are in our express delivery area.

We can also supply items that will make servicing and maintaining your vehicle easier, including...

  • Ramps

  • Lubricants. Not sure what you need?  Click Here!

  • Brake and Hydraulic Fluids

  • Jacks

  • Hand tools

  • Power Tools

  • Cleaning equipment and Polishes

"Feel free to contact us or come in store anytime as our fully trained staff are ready and waiting to help with all replacement part needs and advice"




Autoparts Ltd

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